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February 26, 2011

Another wonderful trial in Sunny FL!  Of the 13 new titles awarded, 11 belong to our own club members!!!  We couldn't be prouder of the hard work and dedication all of our participants showed!  Thank you again to Jack Rayl and Tom Cawood for coming down and helping to make our trial "All It Could Be!"
We had daytime obedience with temperatures soaring over 80!  Man, what ever happened to spring???  Our decoys (John Lockett, Ed Beck and Damon Hill) did a super job under the field lights to finish up the trial with resounding success!

Titles Awarded:
PD1 - 2
PD1 (OB) - 1
P1 - 1
PA - 3
FO -

October 2009

Our first trial was

 a whopping success!!

Our first UKC/SDA combined trial was very successful.  Thank yous go out to our judge, Jack Rayl, and our helpers, John Lockett, Wayne Dodge and Edd Beck.  And of course to everyone else that helped out. 

Plans are already in the works for our next trial.  Stay tuned for information.

Here are the unofficial results of titles earned by the competitors:

Saturday, October 24, 2009




 Title(s) Earned

 Tregan Immer Treu  Dobermann  John Lockett  Family Obedience
 Appollo  German Shepherd  Wayne Dodge  Family Obedience
 Bouba  Malinois  Richard Starks  Family Obedience
 Jotunheim's Draupner  Dobermann  DeDe Bruno  Family Obedience, Protection Alert
 Lockett's Czar  Whalid  John Lockett  Family Obedience, Protection Alert
 Ryker  German Shepherd  Tom Cawood  Family Obedience, Protection Alert
 Pelle  German Shepherd  Greg La Bance  Family Obedience, Protection Alert
 Gawaine von Pendragon  Dobermann  DeDe Bruno  Family Obedience, Protection Alert
 Kyza Arka Tate  Dutch Shepherd  Dennis Tate  Family Obedience, Protection Alert
 Gwenbors von Pendragon  Dobermann  DeDe Bruno  Family Obedience, Protection Alert
 Favorite von Pendragon  Dobermann  Nellie Walter  Family Obedience, Protection Alert
 Forest von Pendragon  Dobermann  Diann Beck  Protection Alert
 Esquimaux von Pendragon  Dobermann  DeDe Bruno  Protection 1

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Sunday, October 25, 2009





 Title Earned

 Spence's Sampsons Bright Star  German Shepherd Margaret Spence   Family Obedience
 Jotunheim's Draupner  Dobermann  DeDe Bruno  Protection 1
 Echo von Pendragon  Dobermann  Nellie Walter  Protection 1
 Lockett's Czar  Whalid  John Lockett  Protection 1
 Pelle  German Shepherd  Greg La Bance  Protection 1
 Appollo  Geman Shepherd  Wayne Dodge  Protection 1

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